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  • Billing and Collections– Medical Practices, Pharmacies and Laboratories, with a focus on Workers Compensations, Personal Injury and Commercial Insurances
    • Team addresses daily follow ups on open claims – Especially with Workers Compensations and Personal Injury, as it is not as simple as bill the claim and you will collect on the billed claim.
      • Bills resubmissions: Bills often get lost, forgotten, and as such, need to resubmitted.
      • Locate Missing Payments: The payments will also go to various locations if and when they are paid.
      • Shorter Wait Time on Rejections or Pending: Missing documents and claim submission clean up: RFAs, missing demographic information, LOMNs, etc.
  • Negotiations with attorneys and payors on claims to make sure claims get paid at a reasonable and fair rate.
  • Centralized Administration – Third Party Contracting and Credentialing with PBMs and Payors
    • New and Ongoing with all regulating bodies
    • Maintain all current documentation
    • Accessible and responsive help desk
    • Stay abreast and communicate updates and PBM Changes
  • Audits
    • Self-Conducted Internal – in constant preparation to make sure all is compliant and in line with all regulations.
    • Managing External Audits with PBMs and Payors: Preparing all needed information for instances where an audit is requested.
  • Inventory and Supply Management, Procurement and Ordering
    • Ability to leverage vendor relationships and economies of scale to reduce costs.
    • Trend analyzing and product research to ensure the most effective product mix
  • Monthly Reporting and Reconciliation
    • Tracking incoming payments, accounts receivable and capturing costs.
    • Continuous business analysis and feedback.

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