Injection Kits

Counteract Pain

Injection Kits

Injections Overview

Injections for pain have been in the medical community for decades. Whether it is used in surgery or a physician’s private practice, these injections have earned their place in the medical field.

The most popular purpose of the injections is to counteract pain. This is for acute (sudden onset), chronic (long term) pain, and pre/post – surgical procedures.

Common injections for pain:

1. Marcaine (Bupivacaine) – Used to “numb” pain

2. Lidocaine (Xylocaine) HCl (Hydrochloride) – Used to “numb” pain

3. Kenlog-40 (triamcinolone) – Used as an anti-inflammatory

4. Depo-Medrol – Used as an anti-inflammatory

5. Methylprednisolone – Used as an anti-Inflammatory

Physicians will give the injection or combination of injections based on patient history and/or exam. Injections can be used for a wide variety of conditions that a patient can develop such as; arthritic pain, joint pain, back pain, etc.

Convenience Injection Kits

In effort to minimize human error, reduce risk of contamination and create more efficiencies while in practice, Convenience Injection Kits came to market.

These kits come with everything, minus a needle and syringe, to create a “turn-key” solution for your medical providers.

Dyna MLK1 Kit (Watermark Large Res 11 secs)