NPDS – Non-Pharmacy Dispensing Program

What is NPDS?
(Non-Pharmacy Dispensing Program)

DynaMD offers a suite of solutions to offer physicians many options to treating patients. DynaMD can help physicians attain the necessary licenses to dispense products such as medications, injection kits, etc.


NPDS Overview

  • Put simply, this program credentials your clinic with the pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to apply a National Drug Code (NDC) to a product either administered or dispensed from your clinic.
  • Once in-network with the PBMs, the practice becomes a non-pharmacy dispensary.
  • Billing the pharmacy benefits using the NDC number rather than the medical benefits using the infamous “J” code, physicians can now offer patient convenience at the time of visit, while implementing a novel ancillary opportunity to your current business structure.


In an effort to minimize human error, reduce risk of contamination and create more efficiencies while in practice, Convenience Injection Kits came to market. These kits come with everything you need, minus a needle and syringe, to create a “turn-key” solution for your medical providers.


NPDS Product Line

Topical Creams

Oral Medications

Pain Patches and Spray

Convenience Injection Kits

Anti-Inflammatory Products


Licensing: The DynaMD Process

DynaMD will help you get the necessary licenses for your practice!

  • We provide a checklist that is an aggregation of what credentials are needed to be filled out by the physician; DEA license, medical license, etc.
  • Licenses are often expired, and we use this to help get physicians get back on track
  • We network with the Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) to streamline this credential process