Work Comp Services

DynaMD’s Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Services for Billing, Collecting and, Most Importantly, Compliance

DynaMD takes a patient centered approach in their programs and services. No matter what happens, we know the most important thing is that a patient gets proper healthcare, without interruption, which is why DynaMD is dedicated to doing everything in our power to make sure the patient is number one. We will always try to provide the patient with what they need, and ensure as best we can, compliance and immediate care.

We offer the following programs for our clients and their patient base: Oral Medications, Topical Creams, Urine Drug Testing, and other Lab Services.

All these programs are geared towards immediate care, improving patient compliance and getting the patient back to work as fast as possible.


  • Workers’ Comp Claims Processing
  • Billing, Collections, and Liens
  • Electronic Claims Submission
  • Consignment Inventory and Inventory Management
  • Compliance with all Payor Regulations and Audit Supervision
  • Negotiations with Employers, Attorneys, Adjusters, etc.
  • Contract In-Network with PBMs