Oncology & Hematology Sales

We offer a comprehensive suite of Durable Medical Equipment to meet your needs.

Our Regional Sales and Account Management Specialists increase our client accessibility and sales of pharmaceutical and biotech products and diagnostic services with key healthcare accounts, physician practices, clinics, research, academic, and government institutions.  We collaborate with our partners and clients to create and execute a customized and high-performing alliance business model that delivers individualized, dynamic, and effective business development, distribution, account management, and administrative services designed to expand customer access, improve patient care, and increase sales that is specifically tailored to our client’s needs and product portfolios.  We strive on providing a great customer experience while providing great customer service.

We integrate specialty and institutional business development experience and account management proficiency to effectively drive sales of numerous diagnostics, pharmaceutical, and healthcare products, devices, and services across several therapeutic categories within multiple healthcare industry systems.

Our Specialists are highly skilled and trained at accessing and working directly with C-Suite, Key Opinion Leaders, Administration, Management, Laboratory, and Procurement personnel.

Pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies require highly skilled and experienced individuals to successfully gain access and sell their products and technologies within the complex healthcare systems. Our contract sales teams possess the skills, experience, and relationships to successfully fulfill this role.  We provide an industry-leading level of expertise in healthcare sales and account management that maximize the sales and profitability of our clients’ product portfolios.

Our team of consultants, liaisons, and business partners offer industry-leading insight with respect to strategic marketing, sales planning, industry analysis, program management, data mining, business intelligence, buy and build, formulary management, product expertise, regulatory management, internal audit, product launch, risk management, supply chain management, claims, reimbursements, and billing.


  • Lead and Facilitate Drug Launches
    • Analysis
    • Planning
    • Execution and Management
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Partnerships
  • Business and Market Analysis Expertise -SME

Benefits to Your Enterprise:

  • Effectively Leverage Marketing and Sales Resources
  • Stronger Networks with Medical Practices & Institutions
  • Growth in Market Access and Market Share
  • Access to Highly-skilled Business Partnerships
  • HIPPA and Regulatory Compliance Controls

Benefits to the Practice & Patient:

  • Enhanced Patient Access to Therapeutics
  • Improved Patient Outcomes
  • Physician Partnerships with Lasting Results
  • Improved Lives